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Physician Breakout Session

Dr. Catherine Dube, CCO & Dr. Ian Bookman, Kensington Screening Clinic

  • Hospital/OHP Partnerships to Manage Endoscopy Capacity in Ontario

Nursing Breakout Session

Learning Objective:

This session will help optimize patient care in the endoscopy room

Dr. Jeff Mosko & Dawn Banavage RN, St. Michaels's Hospital

  • Tips for Assisting the Endoscopist

Session 1

Session 2

Dr.Doug Rex, Indiana University

  • Future Directions in Colonoscopy

Dr. Jeff Axler, TDDA

  • Clinic Inspections

Dr. Eran Shlomovitz, UHN

  • POEM and Other Endoscopic Procedures We Shouldn't Perform in our OHPs 

Dr. Nadia Griller, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

  • Upper GI Update - H.pylori, celiac and EoE

Learning Objectives Endoscopy

  1. To understand what is new in advanced endoscopy.  
  2. To gain an appreciation of what should and should not be done in the clinic setting.
  3. Discuss recent advances in upper GI pathology. 

Learning Objectives Political

  1. To understand new recommendation from CPSO and the inspection process.  
  2. Review concerns about endoscopy backlogs, and how out of hospital facilities can help. 

 OACE Annual Business Meeting - Physician Members Only